Other Selected Packaging & Labels — Ames Farm
Since Ames Farm has a robust, recognizable label identity in place since the aughts, I was tasked with filling in the gaps (on a budget) for new and evolving products. Key strategy was to use the in-house high-resolution printer and sheet labels for prototyping and releasing new labels before approaching a commercial printer.
For example, this new propolis tincture product below was bottled into a 1/8 oz dropper bottle and required a minuscule label in a timely turnaround, while also blending in with existing labels on other wellness products:
The new propolis product was quickly incorporated into a wellness gift set that in turn needed its own packaging solution for delivery to local co-ops within mere weeks:
Similarly, the honeycomb box below on the left was developed as a smaller companion to the 10-oz honeycomb, and needed a timely and cost-effective solution. I designed a clear sheet label that blends seamlessly with the new smaller comb box and is visible on a store shelf, revealing the sweet product inside:
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